Advanced Radio Automation for Streaming Broadcasters

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About The RadioGhetto Project

RadioGhetto is a web-based application which give you hands-on control of almost every aspect of your streaming radio station. The application is a full-service automation product assisting you in the business of running your radio station. Many modules are at your fingertips from a complex music manager and rotation system, online real-time song requests, integration of sweepers and IDs, seamless integration with Twitter, TuneIn, Live365, and more report statistics you’ll ever need or want. RadioGhetto is a premium web-based automation system that uses a variety of open-source products as well as custom php routines to put it all together. There are lot of products like this already out there, but I think you’ll find RadioGhetto Automation focuses on being user friendly and bringing high end tools to your fingertips without breaking the bank.


Watch this website for progress updates and up-to-date information about this project. Thank you for your interest and hope to hear from you soon.


RadioGhetto Team

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